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Skin imperfections can damage your self-esteem and can even make you look older than you are. Sun damage, age, lifestyle choices, and genetics all play a role, and early signs of aging can be hard to address with at-home remedies. Luckily, irregular pigmentation, uneven texture, fine lines, and wrinkles can all be treated with Venus Versa™ intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation.

How does IPL Work?

IPL uses bursts of specific wavelengths of light to target cells just below the surface of the skin. The wavelength used varies based on the concerns that are being addressed. If, for example, you are dealing with pigmentation issues like sunspots, the device can be set to target melanin cells in the skin. The light energy can also remove the top layer of damaged skin to reveal healthier cells underneath. This method is perfect for treating fine lines, texture concerns, and wrinkles.

Busy Schedule? No Problem!

Many people feel that they do not have time to undergo a cosmetic procedure, but Venus Versa™ IPL photorejuvenation is quick and convenient. Depending on the areas being treated, your session could take as little as 30 minutes. This makes it easy to fit into your hectic schedule.

Additionally, there is no downtime associated with Venus Versa™ IPL photorejuvenation. The device includes a built-in cooling feature to protect your skin, and you can go back to your regular skincare routine after 24 hours. During your session, you may feel a “snapping” sensation or some minor discomfort in more sensitive areas. However, Venus Versa™ IPL is generally a very comfortable process.

beautiful green eyed womanYour Results

Most patients benefit from a series of four to five treatments spaced three weeks apart for optimal results. The number of IPL sessions depends on the concerns being treated and the extent of correction needed. During your consultation, we will create a treatment plan that is right for you. For patients with darker skin, another procedure may be recommended, as IPL photorejuvenation is better suited to people with fair to medium skin tones.

The Venus Versa™ device can also be used to treat other cosmetic concerns, making it a truly versatile and useful piece of equipment. If you are tired of sunspots and fine lines but have held back from treating them because you thought you were too busy, now is the time to treat yourself!



If you would like to know more about what Venus Versa™ IPL can do for you, contact us online or call (352) 331-7077 to schedule a consultation at North Florida Aesthetics.