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While in-office procedures are an important part of restoring your youthful glow, at-home skincare is essential to maintain your newly refreshed appearance. Here at North Florida Aesthetics we offer products from Epionce® and NEOCUTIS® to bring the rejuvenation effects home with you, allowing you to prolong the results of your cosmetic treatments and have beautiful, refreshed skin every day.


Epionce® was developed by Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, a clinical dermatologist. He started the company in 2002 with a focus on using botanical ingredients to improve the health of your skin, and healthy skin is youthful skin. All Epionce® products are sulfate, paraben, fragrance, and gluten-free, and are clinically proven to treat signs of aging like dark spots, discoloration, and fine lines and wrinkles. Epionce® products are also not tested on animals and have been subject to rigorous study to ensure their effectiveness.

With products that include cleansers, serums, spot treatments, and sunblocks, Epionce® can provide you with a customized skincare regimen that is tailored to your exact needs.


NEOCUTIS® was developed based on wound-healing research done in Lausanne, Switzerland. The products contain growth factors and proprietary peptides (proteins) to help improve the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. NEOCUTIS® is especially useful after a cosmetic procedure, as your skin will be more sensitive and needs special care as you recover from something like laser resurfacing.

NEOCUTIS® makes products for almost every step of your skincare routine, including for your body, so that you can have healthy skin from head to toe. We can help create a custom skincare system to address cosmetic concerns such as dryness, sagging, excess oil, and many other issues.

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Anti-Aging At Home

Maintaining the health of your skin is crucial if you want to continue to look your best. Both Epionce® and NEOCUTIS® offer personalized skincare systems to treat all of your skin concerns. During your consultation, we will help you decide which products will help you look your best long after your procedure.

Why Should I Use Medical-Grade Skincare Products?

The skincare systems offered by both Epionce® and NEOCUTIS® show results that are backed by science. Each company also allows you to customize your regimen to treat exactly what you are concerned about. With so many options to choose from, there is a product available for virtually any patient’s needs.




If you are interested in seeing what medical-grade skincare products can do for you, contact us at (352) 331-7077 or by filling out our online contact form.